Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Electoral College Changes - I'll Hold My Breath!

Rob Richie and Ryan O'Donnell via Tom Paine gives us a nice angle on individual states electing to award electoral college votes to the national popular vote winner. States Rights indeed! Peace ... or War!


Grassroots 101

My DD gives us some basics for grassroots efforts as to avoiding Bad Meeting Syndrome. We've all sinned yet surely we can do better. Peace ... or War!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

History By Historians not Heirs Please!

The Anniston Star alerted us via this editorial to a possible attempt to do an end run around solid historians and other reasonably professional and presumably sane people controlling the Alabama Historical Commission. Shame on Representative Randy Wood! Peac ... or War!


Big Mules Fear Constitutional Convention

Kudos to Senator Ted Little of Auburn in getting a unanimous decision out of his Ethics and Constitution Committee that might actually lead to the ballot this fall having a vote on the issue of holding a Constitutional Convention. Getting the mere option of letting the voters decide to hold a convention out of the House might be harder. Especially with godly men like John Giles of the Alabama Christian Coalition springing to action to rally his troops. Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform and other groups need our help in pushing back against the Big Mules! Until this document is trashed this state will always struggle in shedding control special interests have via Goat Hill. Peace ... or War!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Captain Bama Here

First of all, regrets, if any are appropriate, to Alabama's own Jimmy Buffett, as he mentions a Frank Bama/Captain Bama is his Where's Joe Merchant. You can buy the book at Amazon, Powells, Barnes and Noble, and ... Plus Jimmy's got Margaritaville if you have a serious dose of Parrothead. Mr. Buffett I've bought your books and albums and ... please forgive me if I've sinned. Plus you've got more money than God!

This blog is about my often backwards, partially blighted, and yet still beautiful Alabama. Yet, these rantings are mostly about how the Big Mules seem to think she's their bank. Progressivism is the default angle yet you can't take on the Bama bosses without a little populism mixed in. Admittedly leftist leaning for many issues, Captain Bama (blogging usually as Captain Plaid on most national and international issues) will craft a mix of mostly Alabama history and politics and law and ... into what he hopes will sooner or later be a rather tasty blend. Count on the Captain!