Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bob (and Weave?) Riley

Governor Riley was surely spanked when he tried to tackle Alabama’s regressive tax structures, hardly a radical proposal when compared to adjacent states, back in 2003. John Giles of the so called Alabama Christian Coalition, apparently at least somewhat tied to Black Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed, plus a slew of Big Mules like ALFA and … knocked Bold Bob back.

Now Governor Riley has launched an aggressive ad campaign on his new and improved tax breaks that clearly benefit even the rather wealthy here in Alabama. Tax cuts sell even across the aisle. Alabama Arise and other progressive organizations want to see relief for the poor in Alabama, even using outdated methods of determining poverty, yet Democrats such as John Knight and Roger Bedford and Hank Sanders and … are questioning the Governor in that his plan reduces education spending and is hardly progressive.

The Montgomery Advertiser easily settles for second best, arguing that the Alabama public and legislature will not accept what makes sense for education, families, the poor, and “wealthy Alabamians, who clearly are not overtaxed by the state”. Alabama can take the approach that is best or settle or simply reject a solution. Governor Riley needs to salvage his standing with his Republican and Big Mule base yet when the Advertiser gives him cover that hardly seems reasonable. Peace … or War!