Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Pig Book" Shows Alabama Got Less Pork in 2005

While I posted recently on the fact that Alabama is doing rather well at the trough, Sean Reilly of The Mobile Press-Register reports "Alabama share of federal 'pork' plunges". Mr. Reilly writes,

Even as congressionally driven "pork" spending continues to climb overall, Alabama's share plunged by 41 percent this fiscal year, a watchdog group reported Wednesday.

After receiving $345.2 million in fiscal 2005, Alabama is now getting $203 million, according to the latest "Pig Book" tally from Citizens Against Government Waste, a Washington-based organization critical of pork expenditures.

The drop occurred despite a 6.2 percent increase in pork spending nationally this year. In all, lawmakers ordered $29 billion in funding for thousands of politically favored projects, including ...

Senator Shelby was especially weak this year in bringing home the bacon since he has shifted away from chairing the transportation appropriations sub-committee. You can review the "pig Book" data on your own at CAGW. Peace ... or War!