Tuesday, July 11, 2006

President Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Jeff Sessions says "Wait one cotton picking minute"! The Big Mules were perhaps thinking Virginia's George Allen, assuming he gets past James Webb and I'm not so sure he will, might be the closest thing to Bu$hCo's "intellect" the GOP has in the wings for '08 yet Jeffy B could very well be at least a fall back position.

Alabama's Junior Senator might actually be a reluctant candidate yet very few politicians are harmed when they are considered for the top spot, unless you get laughed at in public. I'm laughing, perhaps to keep from crying, but I'm truly tickled.

Paleo-conservative Hugh McInnish, good Scot that his surname suggests he is, has been blogged on before for his adoration of Senator Sessions ... and his connections to V-Dare and other "questionable" characters/organizations.

To learn, via Mary Orndorff of The B'ham News that "Sessions focus of planned draft for presidential run", that McInnish, an "especially conservative Republican from Huntsville", hopes to get the Alabama GOP to "draft" Sessions into a run for The White House is revealing. McInnish's "thoughts" on drafting Sessions appear on his CurbAEA site. Total tip of the tam to Dan Roberts of "Between the Links" for getting the mention in the News. Dabble on Dan!

The idea that Jeffy B. has "dug in his heels against the White House" is amusing. I agree he has on immigration yet that seems consistent with his past. I know, as does the Anniston Star, he's been carrying Bu$hCo's water on plenty more. I met Senator Sessions when he visited Roanoke earlier this year and found him mostly in line with the Rubber Stamp mentality. I'm thinking the "one good thing" which might result from Jeffy B's drafting would be if he carried his affinity for comely young women staffers with him to the White House. Since the Senator loves Abu Gonzales he could remain on as AG. Both of their legal minds put together might actually equal one lawyer.

I'm still thinking the "authenticity" of George Allen will carry the day for the Paleo-Conservative/Nativist crowd in 2008. Dubyah became a "cowboy" and the Coach's boy(his mother is French!) will use his interest in "redneck religion" to reach their Red State voters. So dream on Hugh. I'm afraid we are stuck with Senator Sessions folks. Peace ... or War!