Saturday, March 18, 2006

Does Media Ownership Limit Progressivism?

I posted a long piece today at Tin Shop Tartan on the possibility that the new Telecommunication Legislation that is eventually coming out of DC might be something that makes localism even harder to accomplish. I figure the same is true, on perhaps a different scale, for our region. Using Atlanta, Birmingham, and Montgomery (with the Captain slam in the middlein the "Boonie Triangle"!) these markets matter. The more powerful radio stations that reach me, and much of my South, are likely controlled by one of the large "oligolopolies" that own or run most media outlets. Atlanta's Cox Enterprises is a national media powerhouse. They have a huge hold on Atlanta and the South via the AJC and other major plus some minor outlets. Big Mules ... on Steroids! Progressive ideas are so rarely heard in the mainstream media, this being especially true in the Deep South, and I can't see groups oriented toward profits making leftist ideas on wealth/poverty and the like a big priority. It would not be a stretch to suggest they might very well silence or at least limit the flow of these approaches to the masses. Peace ... or War!