Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Riley Gets GOP $600K via His Former Aide Now Tied to Indicted GOP Leader Tom DeLay and ...

Bob Riley's former press secretary Michael Scanlon moved on to more power with Former GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay AKA "The Hammer" of Sugarland, Texas. Facing criminal charges for money laundering in Texas, the former exterminator is also in a serious fight for Texas District 22. Then Scanlon headed for the real money hooking up with K- Street uber lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Bob Riley, when seeking the Alabama Governor's position against Don Seigelman, who ran on and then lost with the idea of bringing the lottery to Alabama, got a lot of love, $600,000.00 worth in fact, from his former aide. The Republican Governor's Association did not report the donation due to a "bookkeeping error". Or maybe they can go with an "accounting error"?

Black Jack Ambramoff and Michael Scanlon have entered plea deals and are singing yet I have seen little if any coverage from Alabama media on the questionable contacts these outlaws had with our Governor. And Riley is still in the mix with the money changers in the temple! Good Christians all the way around! Peace ... or War!