Sunday, March 12, 2006

Spencer Bachus - Sushi Basher

The B'ham News reports that Vestavia Hills U.S. Representative Spencer Bachus hates sushi. That treasonous Bill Maher probably likes sushi. He also pokes fun at out of touch DC yet his senior staffer Warren Tryon has been labeled as the "Mayor of Capitol Hill". He and a group of Alabama bankers were in Las Vegas on the dime of Independent Community Bankers of America when he and his delegation apparently damned near starved. I hope Mr. Tryon got better food on all his many trips. With a 94 rating from the American Conservative Union we know you are a true believer Red State Republican but is nice to see you remind your constituents. If he would help out east Alabama's Highway 431 with his position on the House Transportation Committee we'd be certain that he could get cooked food if he visits our neck of the woods. I know we are out of your district but we'd even fry it Spencer! Open Secrets shows Congressman Bachus rather flush with business money. In fact the ICBA gave Representative Bachus ten large for this most recent election cycle. Finance/Insurance/Real Estate gave the Congressman over three quarters of a million. Bachus was even able to spare $10,000 to help out his buddy Tom Delay with his legal troubles. Congressman Bachus will likely soon be chairing the House Financial Services Committee with his support of new Majority Leader John Boehner yet we know you'll still have Alabama's interests in mind since you dislike eating bait. Your district is so lily-white, as in your beloved Cahaba lily not, safe that you were only challenged by a minion of Alabama's favorite theocrat Roy Moore in the last election so why waste the ink Spencer? Peace ... or War!