Friday, March 03, 2006

Big Mules Own Goat Hill!

An Anniston Star opinion from today's issue suggests
"Maybe legislators are using the Big Mules as a “beard,” a cover behind which they hide their own reluctance to surrender the power the Constitution gives them and let local folks tend to local matters without legislative interference. Maybe the problem is not the Big Mules at all. Maybe the problem is the Legislature."

I'll however go with how they begin their piece. The following is "conventional wisdom" because it is at least mostly true.
"For years, Goat Hill conventional wisdom has held that legislators are nothing but toadies for this state’s special interests. Carrying the water for ALFA and AEA and BCA and all those other big-spending, PAC-running, anti-democratic elements who want to keep power in Montgomery where they can control it, observers tell us."

The one caveat would be that our distinguished public servants toiling away in Montgomery do hometown tasks as perhaps a way to keep a good grasp on local power. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours? The Star recently referred to this process of legislating for the "folks back home" as a "stampede" yet it seems more like a tail chasing to me.

Understanding the "why" to our mess is useful yet the bottom line is that we must have Constitutional Reform to move our state forward. Peace ... or War!