Thursday, March 02, 2006

Medicare "Reform" Demonstrates GOP Values

Jeff Cruz at Tom Paine gives us "The $80 Billion Medicare Sellout" showing us the way the insurance industry, big pharma, the health services groups and ... used Big Mule lobbying tactics to essentially write the Medicare Part D legislation back in 2003. With some Democrat Party assistance regretably, and at least some blessings via AARP, the ReThuglicans made a disaster off this "reform". Corporate welfare once again is perfectly acceptable as a value for the GOP. Bu$hCo's Medicare chief Tom Scully has landed a Senior Counsel slot with mega-law firm Alston and Bird (plus Counselor Scully was recently named as a Director to SHBC). Here in the South our aged population is supposedly held high as part of our "heritage". We've allegedly got values relating to thrifty government. So how does the GOP continue to dominate elections here for national office? The ReThuglicans in DC (and on Goat Hill often as well) are simply not representing our values! Peace ... or War!