Friday, March 10, 2006

ReThuglicans Count on Catholic Vote

I think Alabama has only about 6.7% of her citizens affiliated with the Catholic Church and yet this Glenn Greewald post can also relate to our many evangelicals. Referencing a particularly nasty blogger's attack on the very idea that Democrats might be people of legitimate faith, Glenn writes,
Their blog is undoubtedly a harbinger of the gutter tactics that will be used this year by Rove and the GOP, who -- I hope Democrats are appreciating -- are not going to simply allow Democrats to waltz into control of the House (with the subpoena and investigative power it entails) without a vicious fight that recognizes no limits.

I also expect this to be a vicious year. Exhibit A might be Liddy Dole's quasi-racist attack on Harold Ford to our North in an effort to keep Representative Ford in the House. Truth be told he's DINO or at least close. Yest and still, for the time being at least, that might be the best we can get in Volunteer Land. Peace ... or War!