Thursday, March 09, 2006

Drunken Methodist Urban Youth Prey On Baptists!

Liquored up probably, three (two enrolled and one formerly enrolled) students at Birmingham Southern have been charged with setting a string of fires at rural Baptist churches here in Alabama. Apparently children of privilege, the young men were viewed as goofy and a bit wild yet harmless by their peers. With two of these boys aspiring actors, the first fire was supposedly done as a "joke" and then later fires set to cover up their crimes. Since they are under age 21 they are eligible for Youthful Offender status yet they may have a tough row to hoe. Their people better lawyer them up solid and get ready to pay some serious restitution to keep this trio from winding up with the Alabama DOC. From the looks of these goofballs they'd likely have an especially rough time in prison. Justice must be served and yet these boys, like many other youth in Alabama that aren't white and apparently wealthy or at least comfortable compared to many, might merit at least somewhat of a break. Yet the thing that bothers me the most, and what might kill their chance for YO, is trying to cover it up by doing further harm. We all do stupid things when we panic yet I can't imagine anybody setting more fires. Mercy might be all they have going for them. I hope their victims, and even eventually these little thugs, can recover from these senseless acts. Birmingham Southern seems to have responded appropriately by suspending the two students still enrolled and I appreciate their offer to help make things right. Kudos also to the law enforcement effort. Sounds like good old fashioned shoe leather solved this one! Damn shame and I hope these kids are catching hell from their folks and friends! Peace ... or War!