Thursday, March 23, 2006

Police Hardly Hampered! Just What is "Liberal"?

Mike Linn of The Montgomery Advertiser should have perhaps used another headline than "Police searches could be hampered" when he decribes the ruling in Georgia vs. Randolph. Additionally, I'd like him to define "liberal" judges! That label is surely thrown around by politicos and pundits and apparently now journalists with perhaps little hesitation. If Lt. Drinkard of the Montgomery PD wants an opinion from Attorney General Troy King then there is surely no harm. Still, an actual Alabama District Attorney agrees the case means nothing as to restricting law enforcement in their responding to domestic violence cases. So why the headline?

That Chief Justice Roberts elected to write his first dissent on this case was odd. Justice Souter rightly described the concern raised by Roberts as a "red herring". Maybe there is much to read into how the Justices jabbed at each other a touch in the case?

Returning to the issue of "liberal" judges, Mr. Linn should possibly point out that the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the ruling of the Georgia Supreme Court which affirmed the ruling of the Georgia Court of Appeals in reversing the trial court's denial of Mr. Randolph's Motion to Suppress. Also, only two current Justices were appointed by Republican Lite Bill Clinton with Justice Souter appointed by Bush the Elder. Have you been reading Alabama Supreme Court Judge Tom Parker's attacks on the Supreme Court Mr. Linn? Or listening to "Reverend" Pat Robertson, who apparently thinks the Supremes have six "liberal" judges?

Simple case it seemed to me. When I heard some prior coverage of the case I felt the Court would likely reach this decision. Since I rarely get a win in politics it does me good to get one right in the judicial branch. Peace ... or War!