Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2008 Olympics - Simultaneous Shilling Shoe In

Admittedly the 2008 Olympics are not going to have this event. Plus the Olympics are being held in Beijing so I doubt this Good Free Market American Patriot would go to The People's Republic of China, even if the PRC now owns most of our debt thanks in large part to his comrades of conservatism screwing up the surplus trends from essentially eight years of sanity. But if they did have shilling as an event, we'd have a possible champion right here in the South.

Conservative Tool Jim Wooten dropped an opinion today that at least should go into the "Shilling Hall of Fame". With my emphasis supplied, here's what he wrote,

In his final year as governor of Florida, Jeb Bush is going down swinging.

Faced with a state Supreme Court ruling that a school voucher program for children in chronically failing schools is unconstitutional, Bush is putting it on the line in his last year as governor, trying to convince the Florida Legislature to amend the state constitution.

Bush's efforts there offer a lesson to those who seek to provide parents alternatives to traditional public schools for their children.

The lesson is that any reform of public education that involves something other than pouring more tax dollars into it requires resilience and, as with the war in Iraq, a willingness to change tactics in response to entrenched opposition. When one approach is blocked, try another. ...

The Florida Supreme Court — the liberal Florida Supreme Court that forced the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in the state's hanging chad election controversy in 2000 — struck down Opportunity Scholarships affecting about 700 children in January.
The Tool even got a dig in at Democrats in the Georgia House blocking legislation to "change twelve" words as they "locked down as a voting bloc". Jim, do you write your columns straight from the talking points they send you? Do you weave the same old arguments from the voucher boys with those from the Bu$hCo boys and your other patrons to get essentially the same old same old agenda? I'll return for the snark and the facts as I'm tired (Some folks don't get paid to pander!) and need some rest. Good night Jim. I'll see you soon. Peace ... or War!