Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tacky Whacky Tom Parker Earns Entry to Team Tartan's "Crazy as a Run Over Dog" Club!

Alabama's perhaps most judgemental Judge Tom Parker is of course seeking to move up to the Chief Justice slot on our state Supreme Court. Today our "Mini Moore" is knocking down the wall (as in the wall separating government and religion) to gain entry to Captain Plaid's Hall of Shame in that you are undeniably "Crazy as a Run Over Dog", perhaps even challenging initial member Ann Coulter for dominance of this certifiably cracked pack. You'll likely be able to ally yourself with CROD alumni such as your mentor, Alabama's favorite theocrat Roy Moore. Georgia's combative Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is being considered of course for entry yet you'll likely not get her support. Of course Angry Ann might not either.

Via the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, AP reporter Phillips Rawls informs us "Hugo Black's induction into hall of fame draws Parker criticism". Mr. Rawls writes in part,

Hugo Black is still controversial in his home state 35 years after his death, with state state Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker criticizing the Alabama State Bar for inducting the former U.S. Supreme Court justice into its hall of fame Friday.

Parker issued a statement calling Black's induction into the Alabama Lawyers Hall of Fame a "shameful disgrace to the people and state of Alabama." He said Black "personally launched the war to kick God out of the public square in America."

Parker, a Republican candidate for chief justice, also criticized Republican Chief Justice Drayton Nabers for participating in the event at the state judicial building. Parker's statement got distributed at the induction ceremony, where three other prominent Alabama legal figures were inducted along with Black.

That Justice Black is "controversial", even in his own hometown in Clay County just over the river from the Tin Shop, is more of an indictment of some ignorant people in Alabama than Hugo Black. The Alabama State Bar Hall of Fame needed Justice Black. The South and indeed the nation needs more Hugo Black and less Stripsearch Sammy and Surly Scalia and ... Plus I'm sure that our world can stand no more Bu$hCo. Senator Black would be shocked at The Rubber Stamp Congress allowing this cabal to ignore our Constitution!

ASB Executive Director Keith Norman's gave a rational reply to Judge Parker's political stunt which was indeed made all the more tacky being done on "Good Friday". You'd think a God-fearing Christian zealot of his standing would have more class. However, Tacky Whacky Tom learned at the foot of the "master of morality". Reverend Roy used "religion" to get all the way on and off the Chief Justice bench so I guess you figure it might work for you as well. Your Dixie Taliban antics are really making Alabama look even more backwards! And the scary thing is that so many of your ilk are seemingly seeking to take this from the courthouse to the White House! Peace ... or War!

Update - Easter Sunday - I hope Roy and Tom don't lean over and tell God I'm working! I was doing an email and ran across a post on a local op-ed claiming "secular socialists" were working to keep Roy Moore out of power. This same op-ed took on Hugo Black in two places. Coincidence or co-ordination?