Sunday, April 09, 2006

Big Mules Mask Money by PACs - Riley Gets Most

Brett J. Blackledge and Tom Gordon of The Birmingham News gives us "PACs often mask who's behind gift : Riley ahead in fundmaking race with major PACs backing". Darn good reporting! While I am often at least marginally sympathetic to the goals of AEA and Alabama Trial Lawyers and even some other special interests, and can accept that they have First Amendment protection for their efforts, full disclosure seems foundational in a democracy. If the average citizen can learn who is writing the checks ($8.8 million so far in campaign donations in Alabama!) and pulling the strings (as in to PAC to PAC transfers and ...) then perhaps we'll start getting some results off Goat Hill that aren't for the Big Mules. And why isn't Lucy feeling the love from these groups? Peace ... or War!