Saturday, April 08, 2006

Alabama Republican Women Gone Wild!

The Alabama Federation of Republican Women might be a good example of the appearance of "grass roots" in the GOP. They are part of the National Federation of Republican Women that seems especially well coordinated with the ReThuglican Party. Worth a visit to each. The funding and coordination is likely part of The Mighty Wurlitzer that we often ignore.

With a tip of the tam to Wheeler at Alablawg, Kelli Hewett Taylor of the Birmingham News gives us "Prevent babies' citizenship ... Group wants illegal immigrants' `anchor' citizenship removed" reporting that the AFRW wants to amend the 14th Amendment. Ouch!

Family values, leave no child behind, compassionate conservatism, ... but it apparently comes down to money doesn't it ladies? Or is it that these are "brown" children? I can't help but wonder how many of you GOP gals might have been fine with illegal immigrants doing landscaping or cleaning or contruction work or ... around your homes. Perhaps you have gained financially with your own business or your husband's or ...? Just a guess there has been some interaction with the "brown" people from the South. Comprende?

Immigration reform is a legitimate concern yet perhaps you'd be more effective is dealing with employers actually hiring their parents. Enthusiastically enforce current laws, secure the border as best as we can, provide a mechanism for those currently here and contributing to become citizens, but leave these kids alone please. Peace ... or War!