Thursday, April 06, 2006

Activist Judges Often Ignore the Will of the People!

It is seemingly effective politics in this Reddest of Red States to rail against "activist judges legislating from the bench" and "ignoring the will of the people". This is especially so if they are federal judges. George Wallace taught them that trick! Yet the B'ham News Op-Ed from today reminds us that Alabama trial judges can and often do ignore the jury recommendations of life without possibility of parole to order the State of Alabama to kill people. Like the editorial author, I'm not a fan of the death penalty, even in cases as extreme as the News reports, yet the intellectual inconsistency of many "hanging judges" seems to be present. I'm sorry! I forgot that "intellectual" can't apply to some candidates such as the one that wants Alabama to kill kids even if The United States Supreme Court has ruled against that barbaric practice. And there's also everyone's favorite Theocrat Roy Moore. What a state! Peace ... or War!