Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ed Packard for Alabama Secretary of State!

Nancy Worley is of course facing opposition in the primary from one of her own employees, not to mention well-funded and clearly connected Beth Chapman seeking the office this fall. For an incumbent to have such universal scorn is odd yet both The Montgomery Advertiser and The Birmingham News are endorsing Ed Packard for June 6th. There are reasons that seem to be clear yet here's enough for me. It is going to be tough enough to hold on to this office, a critical one in that we know the GOP has a long history (Katherine Harris in Florida and Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio in recent national elections for instance) of expecting partisan politics from their Secretaries of State, so Ed Packard seems to be our last best hope given all the scandals and concerns with Ms. Worley. All things being equal, although I hate to rely on this sexism still likely present here in Alabama, it might help to have a man running for the office. Fighting off the GOP means taking advantages of any little edge. Peace ... or War!