Sunday, May 21, 2006

Are Alabama Same Sex Couples Accepted?

I found this in today's print edition of The Anniston Star but I'll send you to The Boston Globe for David Crary of The Associated Press reporting "Gays see shift in momentum toward acceptance in Alabama: But their causes are still enduring share of setbacks". This articles got lots of coverage across America and can't hurt as to Alabama's reputation for intolerance. I'll be voting "No" on the Constitutional Amendment on June 6th and perhaps even doing a "Letter to the Editor" of a few local rags offering my reasoning yet I fear it will indeed pass with rather high numbers. Ignorant Alabama voters rejected Amendment #2 back in 2004 that kept racist language on segregated schools so surely ignorant Alabama voters will do the bidding of John Giles and the religious wing nuts on this issue. Peace ... or War!