Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bama Dems Toss & Answer "Softball Questions"?

Tom Gordon of The Birmingham News reports "State Democrats pose questions to candidates" yet I'm somewhat disappointed by the nature of the questions. Here they are:

"Please provide a brief biographical sketch."

"What in your background has prepared you to serve in the office for which you are running?"

"What are three goals you will work to accomplish if elected?"

"What is the most pressing challenge facing the State of Alabama and how will you work to effect positive change in this area?"

I want some tough ones that hems these folks up at least a little. I'd like to know their position on Constitutional Reform, PAC to PAC transfers and campaign finance disclosures and lobbying and ... , judicial elections ... Missouri Plan and/or non-partisan and ... , same sex marriage/civil rights, 1st Amendment issues with special emphasis on establishment and separation clauses, improving that damnable ALICE system, environment, education, poverty, capping damages in civil lawsuits, death penalty, abortion, gun control, rural Alabama, drug policy, prison issues, criminal defense of indigents funding and standards, sex education, following or fighting No Child Left Behind, teachers having a workable way to boot the disruptive non-achievers from their classrooms, educators' pay and perks, willingness to take on the Big Mules, outreach to the branchheads, ability and desire to establish meaningful web/email communication, ...

There's more to add. If anyone wants to drop comments or emails offering additions I'd appreciate. Also, I'd like your thoughts on why we should or shold notask the tough questions. Indeed it might give the GOP some ammo yet I still think the idea of speaking clearly and completely will resonate with the public. If the public hears the issues Progressive Lefty ideas can win. Long view maybe but I'm not interested in sending Republican Lite to Goat Hill. Peace ... or War!