Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Justice on the Cheap" in a "Pro-Life" State!

Judge Sue Bell Cobb is getting my vote and support for the fall's Chief Justice race. Yesterday's op-ed in The B'ham News, entitled "A Mockery of Justice", just confirms my decision. Regarding Appellant Anthony Ray Hinton, an unqualified "expect" provided ballistics evidence that was savaged on cross. This "evidence" has now been shown to be such that the conviction seems very improper. Amnesty International gives us some allegations, even beyond the firearms testimony, that seem rather solid. However, The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals voted 3-2 to let the injustice continue. Inadequate representation seems enough and the case will likely not pass federal review yet why not do the right thing at our appellate court? A new trial is certainly appropriate in this death case. Kudos for Judge Cobb and Shaw! And shame, based on the evidence I'm privy to, on Republican judges Baschab, McMillan, and Wise! While I don't think we should even elect Judges, I'm sure you Republicans reap the benefit of your party claiming respect for "the culture of life". Yet, in this case you choose death. Peace ... or War!