Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An NRA Shill - Another Reason to Reject Riley?

I've already posted a scolding on Goat Hill passing the ridiculous NRA sponsored "self-defense" legislation, with Governor Riley apparently supportive and certainly signing, even if the pandering politicians would have likely pushed this disaster on regardless of his position. Yet pandering is part of the process it appears. The National Rifle Association has announced that it will endorse Riley in the general election this year. In accepting the endorsement, Governor Riley disengenously claims,
"Ladies and gentlemen all across the country, and it has been for a long time, there has been an attack, an attack on our rights to own and bear arms," Riley said. "Well, if you grew up in Alabama, that is a way of life. It's part of our culture."
I know this is part of the ReThuglican playbook Governor yet this is a LIE! Quit lying! Stop the madness and get real. The GOP and the NRA and the Religious Right and ... has to be challenged for their LIES. Their slick marketing and direct mailing and ... would make Karl Rove jealous, although I expect Karl often helps them in their efforts. While polls are not looking good for the Democrats this fall, with Lucy not running a campaign worth a darn it seems as she's even with The Don, I'll pull the lever under the Rooster this fall. Your LIE above is reason enough. Peace ... or War!