Wednesday, April 19, 2006

If the Klan built a new Klavern building would it actually use Undocumented Labor?

The only reason I ask is that one of my students, who swears he lives near the Klan HQ over here in West Georgia, told me that this group is using Latino labor in their new building efforts. Should the story be true as to ethnicity, with me having no doubt that the KKK is alive and well in Heard County despite their ommission from this map from the SPLC, these workers could very well be American citizens or possess a valid green card. At least this kid's tale let me lay into this nasty hate group with a vengeance. Georgia has just passed the toughest legislation on providing social services to undocumented people. I've found Heard County to be hardly the most "progressive" community plus did not think the Hoods would really want to use Hispanics yet ... Lots of paradoxes here.

Yet I have no doubt that the Bu$h administration and other Big Mules are looking the other way on businesses that hire undocumented workers. Enforcement has simply been a joke on the labor side since Dubyah rode into to town. The Christian Science Monitor described it in ther editorial from today as "Wink, wink" with a direct hit on the lack of resolve on the employer end being why reform 20 years ago did not work. Does anybody in DC have the political will to accomplish real reform? Peace ... or War!