Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bu$hCo Talks Technology & Teachers in Tuskegee

Erica Pippins of The Montgomery Advertiser tell us "President Bush talks technology in Tuskegee". Only serios Red States might have their GOP leadership appear with Bu$hCo with his poll numbers in the tank. In "Pink States" candidates run the other way when Dubyah comes calling. Bob Riley and Mike Rogers must be feeling rather safe.

I've long ago decided that The Decider in Chief believes the talk is more important than the walk. Why else would you tell some Maryland kids just yesterday that science is a "cool subject" and yet have the worst record on supporting science in the modern presidency? I don't have enough time to drop all the links of respected scientists and organizations taking you to task. About the only "professional" you have listed to is Dr. Bill.

Bu$hCo has once again relied on "hunches" rather than research/facts as your plan to rush "science and math professionals" with minimal training in pedagogy into a modern American high school might not look real pretty or be effective. "Fuzzy math" and "junk science"!

You've cut overall funding in K-12, college tuition costs and student loan interest charges have gone through the roof, NCLB is a total disaster driving good teachers from the profession, ... Heck of a job Bushie! Peace ... or War!