Thursday, April 20, 2006

Alabama's favorite theocrat can't count or ...

Kim Chandler of The B'ham News reports "Moore accuses Bush of trying to stop him from winning primary" with Alabama's favorite theocrat seeminly demonstrating that he can't count past Ten. As in commandments of course. CROD member Roy Moore claimed,

"This visit is political payback in exchange for his complete cooperation with George W. Bush and shows his great concern for the upcoming primary election on June 6. Both the state Republican leadership and now the president himself have wrongfully attempted to interfere in this Republican primary and it won't work," a statement from Moore's campaign read.
One recent poll has you down by 44% and Bu$h is down to 33% approval from a poll released today by Faux News. Your former colleague Justice Woodall claimed just recently that you had but an "average legal mind" but surely you learned to count.

I'm thinking the Clone War is about over. Thanks for entertaining us for a while Roy, Tom, ... Peace ... or War!