Monday, May 01, 2006

As long as we are electing Judges ...

Tom Scarritt of The B'ham News opines "Voters are the judge and jury" focusing on "Crazy as a Run Over Dog Tom Parker" for the most part. He's crazy and apparently lazy to boot. Mr. Scarritt says we should be glad these judges are speaking out. Yet what we are getting is simply more proof that idiots can be elected as long as idiots (offered in a non-disparaging way ... for the most part) are doing the voting. Elitist perhaps yet I often think that few voters are aware enough to select our leaders yet I'm certain the average layperson can't evaluate a jurist at the appellate level, and possibly the circuit/district level as well. The Alabama State Bar's suggestions, based on the "Missouri Plan", is long overdue. Additionally, Mother Jones's reminds us that activist fundamentalists are lurking more and more with "The Bible Bench". Peace ... or War!