Friday, May 12, 2006

Athens Suitor Spurned by Roy Moore

Polygamy might be the answer Roy? Multiple spouses might allow you to boost those dreadful poll numbers? Holly Hollman of The Decatur's Daily gives us the story and Jonathan Palmer provided the image for "Traditional marriage - Athens man proposes while Moore speaks" The story, in part, reads,

Equating silence with treason, Moore said Christians have remained silent too long on issues such as prayer in schools and abortion, and must be vocal on defining marriage.

"We didn't want to offend so we have remained silent," Moore said. "This is not a political issue, but a moral issue. It is about the destruction of an institution ordained by God."

Moore predicted more than 90 percent of those who vote June 6 will support the traditional marriage amendment.

Jean Cole of The News Courier also covered the event with her "‘Few disagree’ with gay marriage ban - Roy Moore expects 90 percent to vote for ban". Her Athens-based writing, in part, reads,

... Garth held the sign, stood among the crowd and quietly recited the Lord’s Prayer with the crowd during the invocation. Three Athens police officers stood behind him in case he started a ruckus. ...

To some, the amendment seems redundant.

State law already bans marriage between people of the same sex. However, a Constitutional amendment would prevent courts from striking down the state law, as courts in Boston and San Francisco did.

While a man handed out Moore political signs from a box about 150 yards from the speakers, Moore told gatherers, “This is not a political issue, it a moral issue,” he said. “When we forget God, we forget our morals.”

The crowd applauded.

Failing to vote for the amendment may have repercussions, said Tim Anderson, one of several speakers at the event. “You get to choose today, “ he told the crowd. “When we stand before God, we won’t get to choose.”

His remarks drew widespread applause and some “Amens.”

The rally, called the Stand Up For Traditional Marriage Rally, was sponsored by the Athens Limestone for Quality of Life Committee, a group which reformed this year under chairman Mike Westmoreland. Westmoreland is pastor of Madison Street Baptist Church.

The proposed amendment defines marriage in the state Constitution as a union between a man and a woman only.

It would also prevent Alabama from recognizing same-sex marriages from other states. State legislators voted in March 2005 to put the amendment on the June 6 ballot.

It is sponsored by Sen. Hinton Mitchem, D-Albertville, and cosponsored by 11 other senators. Fear for Alabama’s children prompted Mitchem to sponsor the amendment.

He said he watched television coverage of a rally in San Francisco in which two men were kissing.

“That was not conducive to the welfare of our children, “ he told The News Courier Friday.

So Garth was going to start the ruckus? Love the language .... NOT. He's a non-violent protester. Even if he wanted to heckle Alabama's Favorite Theocrat I'm thinking the First Amendment would have needed protecting more than anything else.

These Alabama pandering politicians (Would that be an oxymoronic moron?) might need to check out the federal Defense of Marriage Act. I think there's a violation of the "full faith and credit" clause yet perhaps not. Also, if they can't marry/partner up then they'll not be filmed at a rally? Marriage cools the passion Senator, or at least it did with my wives. Kids are seeing plenty that comes from major media owned by massive GOP oriented folks like that Aussie Murdock's FOX yet you want to pass a law in Alabama? Like an Alabama court would rule to allow gay marriage. What are you folks on Goat Hill smoking?

This is a "civil rights" issue at least up to a point. If benefits are extended to traditional couples then same sex couples ought to be able to make those same choices. I'll vote "No" of course simply to be contrary yet I do not think the issue matters in Alabama. Pandering for votes and distracting voters from significant issues and problems is all this mess is about yet it reveals the wingnuts among us.

Roy Moore has long been a member of our "Crazy as a run over dog Club" yet he is still perhaps not to the level of founding member Ann Coulter. She'd have urged her fans to smite him and if they'd have declined then she'd ridicule them for not being the brownshirts of her dreams.

This post makes me all the more inclined to just go ahead and order Michelle Goldberg's Kingdom Coming : The Rise of Christian Nationalism.

Tip of the tap to Mr. Garth! Peace of War!