Sunday, May 14, 2006

More on Anthony Ray Hinton's Death Case

Bob Blaylock of The Birmingham News gives us another look at Anthony Ray Hinton's death penalty case with today's "Why won't state take innocence claim seriously?" I'd posted earlier on Mr. Hinton with a post I titled as "Justice on the Cheap" in a "Pro-Life" State!" yet the Criminal Justice system is where the rubber hits the road. Alabama is a "law and order" state and District Attorney elections aren't won with reason and tempered justice I fear. Law enforcement can be incompetent and corrupt and ... with me basing this on plenty of professional experiences. Our courts, with the Alabama Supreme Court being the most conservative in modern history, are likewise not going to the seasoned and reasoned but rather the connected and projected. One of the main reasons I want to get back in the practice is to join issue on these problems. Nothing to gain gives me more freedom to go hardcore with my activism and advocacy that I did not possess in my first effort. I was always hard nosed in defending my clients yet in the years to come I want to educate our public as to the reality of injustices still continuing in Alabama. Peace ... or War!