Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rudy Loves Ralph ... and his cousin, gay friends, ...

Jonathan Hutson at Talk to Action serves up Ralph Reed Embraces 'Blatant Adultering Cousin-Fucker'. Here are some gems:

Just how desperate does Georgia lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Reed have to be to court and count on the support of a pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-gun control, divorced Catholic politician from New York who has confessed to having sex with his cousin on a regular basis over the course of 14 years?

On May 17, 2006, Reed issued a salvo against Fulton County judge who, in Reed's terms, dishonored the "sanctity of the institution of marriage" by striking down Georgia's gay marriage ban. In a press release on the homepage of his campaign web site,, Reed called the ruling "just the latest example of a liberal judiciary run amoc [sic]." Reed, who cannot spell amok (okay, who gives a kissin' cousin fok?), added that "Georgians agree in their belief that marriage should be defined as a man and a woman in holy matrimony."

Holy matrimony, Batman! Does Reed's definition of sanctified marriage include a man and his third cousin? Well, what about a man who married his third cousin, Ms. Peruggi, then had the marriage annulled after a brief 14 years as soon as he "discovered" (in the midst of an adulterous affair with Ms. Hanover) that his wife was not his third cousin, but actually his second cousin? What about a man who has an annulment, marries his lover waiting in the wings, and then ends his second marriage with another adulterous affair? ...

America's Mayor indeed. Do any of Ralph's remaining supporters not ponder this? Peace ... or War!