Friday, July 28, 2006

Alabama JuCo's "Hee Haw" Hiring Hullabaloo

A tip of the tam to a Republican reader and source for the find above. I'd missed this J.D. Crowe gem from the Mobile Press-Register. You can see and even purchase Mr. Crowe's work here.

Of course the BOE would not be as open as our Hee Haw cast. They'd have it all worked out beforehand I'd guess. David Prather of the Huntsville Times is right to begin his editorial from today's paper with the following:

Secret decision-making continues to plague the state school board

Thomas Corts, the retired Samford University president, is an excellent choice to head Alabama's two-year college system. But through no fault of his own, he will start the job with a huge problem.

That's because the Alabama Board of Education continues to conduct its business so maladroitly it almost defies belief.

"Maladroitly" is a new word but unfortunately here in Alabama we'll likely need to file that one away for later use. That the Board of EDUCATION can't seem to learn the error of their ways says much I fear about our state.

Good luck Dr. Corts, you're gonna need it. Peace ... or War!