Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bama BOE Has Some 'Splaining to Do

Bob Johnson of AP appears in The Montgomery Advertiser with "Firing raises open meetings law questions" questioning an end run around Alabama's "open meetings" law when the State Board of Education recently canned Roy Johnson and hired Dr. Renee "Four's Better Than Five" Culverhouse as the Interim Chancellor.

Isn't this failure to do things by the book and with disclosures and ... what got us in this mess? The Board seems to need educating as Dr. Culverhouse might not have been the best choice, even on an interim basis. Ella Bell's apparent sexism (Five uses of "he/him"? I'm not so sure about that ignorant, backward progress down the road Ms. Bell and I hope Joe Reed scolds you given what he said above your quote.) is another thing but I'll move along.

That the State Board has so much of their own nepotism at issue wouldn't have been the reason for handling things so quickly would it? Leaving Betty Peters and Stephanie Bell, allegedly the only two Board members free from scrutiny on taking care of their own, out of the counting votes before the meeting makes a Scot ponder.

"Paging Brett Blackledge." Peace ... or War!