Friday, July 14, 2006

Dressed Down - GQ's Sean Flynn on Ralph Reed

I am in awe of Sean Flynn's GQ piece on Ralph Reed. North Carolina is proud of you I'm sure Mr. Flynn. Just read the thing but be ready for some work clicking through all the pages. I'm going back for another turn. I'm hardly a GQ fella but I'll buy the issue with this article. The image from Eric Lesser is likewise amazing. I recall David Sirota calling John Stossel "smarmy" recently yet Ralph also wears it well

I'll hope plenty of folks in Georgia and beyond consider this man as representative of the Christianists that are a huge part of the GOP machine. If even a tenth of the stories about him are true then he's a truly awful person. I've made my share of mistakes yet to have this character talk of character turns my stomach. That he's be more welcome around most of my family due to his "faith" and politics makes it all the worse. My old Daddy's name was "Ralph" and I carry the handle as my middle name so my scorn is complete for Mr. Reed. He makes me want to ralph.

Republican "values" run rather thin when folks like Ralph Reed are examined. I wonder how John Giles of the Alabama Christian Coalition and some of the others around here that work the "values voters" side of the fence would measure up to such scrutiny? When these self-righteous folks enter the public forum then Progressives can, or perhaps should, call them out for "sinning" even though I'd much prefer to avoid throwing stones.

It did me good to recall how Ralph helped Fumbling Fob lose to The Don, bless his heart and here's to a short stint at Club Fed, back in the day. Now I'm longing for the times when the Governor's race was sort of contested but I digress. If The Don is a sinner, and a jury thinks he is although I'm sure appeals are to follow, it might be that he and Ralph Reed both fell in love with money. However, at least The Don hasn't built his entire career pretending to be a Godly man. Peace ... or War!