Wednesday, July 12, 2006

State Board of Education Boots Big Johnson

Erin Elaine Mosely of The Montgomery Advertiser provides a solid summary yet let's not forget Brett Blackledge of The B'ham News is the reporter that has been all over this mess. I'm figuring Brett is not going to make the Johnson's Christmas card list. His reporting ought to get several awards.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer gives us a brief bio of Mr. (not Dr.!) Johnson. Qualified? Hardly! That Roy Johnson has risen to this position in the first place says much about Alabama. I've met Roy a few times and can recall thinking WTF essentially every time.

I've been blogging on this for some time, especially as relates to Southern Union in that Wadley, the main campus, is just across the river from The Highlands.

I've yet to see anybody critical of the State Board exercising the no cause clause to end Johnson's tenure. Hope springs eternal that the Board will consider how folks are hired and money is spent yet I understand even a few folks on that entity are tainted by those issues. Peace ... or War!