Friday, July 14, 2006

DNC's Howard Dean Has Free Air Fare to Alabama

Alabama state GOP chair Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh has offered to buy National Democratic Chairman Howard Dean a plane ticket to come down to Alabama to "publicly outline the positions of the national Democrat Party on any number of issues". I'm not sure how much more public outline she wants than what the DNC's website offers.

The DNC's "Agenda" seems clear enough. If nothing else the "Corruption and Abuse of Power" pages are worth a visit. You mentioned The Don's guilty verdict in your release so I'm sure the crime and graft of the GOP offends you just as much. The DNC's blog "Kicking Ass" is a good reference for what the party believes.

Ms. Andress Cavanaugh ends her anouncement of today with
“The Alabama Democrat Party can’t hold hands with the national party when nobody is looking and run away when it’s convenient,” Cavanaugh said. “To paraphrase another well-known Alabamian – there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the national and Alabama Democrat parties.”
I'm not so sure the state Democrats run away from the national party, especially with these national poll numbers. In fact, the national party left Joe Turnham rather on his own and yet he still nearly won against Mike Rogers in my own U.S. House District. I'm more liberal than most local Democrats so I'm not following why anybody should be ashamed of Governor Dean and the national party. If being out of mainstream means your Secretary of State Candidate Beth Chapman's speech back in 2003 makes sense then I'll be happy to stay out. (You GOP gals are getting good at channeling George Wallace's Politics of Rage.) I am thrilled that Governor Dean is instituting a "Fifty State Strategy" so perhaps we'll do a better job down here. Joe Turnham is reminding us of what we'll not hear from Ken Mehlman or the Goopers in B'ham this evening.

I'm hoping Governor Dean will take her up on the offer. Get the press and proceed to setting the record straight. Talking points seldom hold up in a legitimate discussion. Dean's Presidential campaign and recent work has demonstrated he can talk to all of America, even here in one of the Reddest of the Red States.

Finally, I know Ms. Andress-Cavanaugh has left her position with the lobbying group based in Mississippi due to their gambling work. It seems she conferenced in or was at a meeting I was attending some years back. It was a political issue and seems like it was a group of "liberal trial lawyers" from over in my area. I think we met in Alexander City yet I'm not certain. Does anyone know ifshe once worked on that side of the fence. I know she tried to do work with or for the AEA once, although she now rips them for their political positions that generally favor the Democratic Party.

I'm not sure if it is still open but I wondered if Ken will make an appearance at Birmingham's Tool Box? We know family values are a vital part of the GOP platform yet Ken might enjoy some Southern hospitality. Peace ... or War