Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jeff Sessions plus ... are "Shortsighted on Energy"

"Big Oil" might not own Jeff Sessions outright as Oil and Gas ranks #15 on his industry support according to The Center for Responsive Politics yet if he's prepared to simply label people opposing expansions of Gulf Coast drilling as "haters of fossil fuels" maybe they can save their money? The Anniston Star gives us the details in their Editorial from today entitled "Shortsighted on Energy" with the close as follows:

Damaging human health effects, especially on the young, can be blamed on the exhaust that comes from so many tailpipes and smokestacks. The environmental damage to our water and air is another toll. Also, injury is done to pristine natural views as rigs go up just off shore. The exception is Florida, where residents there see this green (as in environmental) issue as a green (as in a prosperous real estate market) issue.

Then there is the by-product caused by enriching Arab states with petro-dollars, which in turn are often used to fund terrorists and prop up thugs.

Taking these things into consideration, dependence on fossil fuels becomes more costly than is generally perceived.

But you can take this big-picture argument only so far. As the old economics saw goes, “In the long run, we’re all ... dead.”

True, but visionary leadership would look beyond oil and gas, both finite resources. Statesmen and stateswomen would look to clean, renewable sources with more passion, more vigor and more money for research and development. They would invest in R&D so that the United States would be the world’s leader in next-generation energy. They wouldn’t waste time with strawman arguments about hating fossil fuels.

They would speak instead about loving the nation so much that they insist on investing on the next big thing, one that is cleaner and doesn’t keep the nation beholden to problematic foreign sources

"Stateman" hardly comes to mind with Jeffy B does it? Recognizing the complexity of the dealing to get us to this point is a good start. Certainly Gulf Coast states have some serious financial issues to consider and there are other Big Mules with plenty at stake here. I'm simply not comfortable in trying to tackle the status of the House and Senate bills but from what I understand neither are going to be the end of the story.

However, I am fine with suggesting that with energy prices (and profits!) through the roof this might be the ideal time for bold thinking. The Apollo Alliance might be a good start to understanding the many benefits to a Progressive energy policy. The Center for American Progress has some solid ideas that even Jeff Sessions might not label as hateful. Can you believe this guy had the gall to declare fossil fuels as "hated" in front of God and everybody? Richard Pombo (R-ExxonMobile) wouldn't have used that language.

We know Bu$hCo and the GOP isn't going to propose anything that concerns their Big Mule backers yet Jeff Sessions willingness to attack rather than consider another way confirms my longing for an alternative. Alabama, and our nation as a whole, deserves better than he'll ever deliver. Peace ... or War!