Friday, March 24, 2006

Roy Moore On "Sense and Judgment"

Roy Moore placed a letter to the editor in The Montgomery Advertiser to try to clarify his recent comments on not trusting voters with choosing delegates to a Constitutional Convention. He writes,
Actually the people are the "sense" of this state and we should leave it to their good judgment. Professional politicians and special interest lobbyists never work for the good of the people. ... Likewise, special interests are trying to rid our state of the Constitution which has preserved our rights for over 100 years. Those out to change it have an agenda.
An Advertiser Editorial from today has a tolerable analysis of Moore's "logic". I appreciate one point especially when they write,
Moore is right about one thing; special interests are far too powerful now. But the point he so conventiently misses is that the only way to ever significantly change that situation is by changing the state's outdated constitution.

"Conventiently misses" my behind! Only a Big Mule could accurately claim the 1901 Constitution has preserved "our rights". Roy Moore is hardly a "Big Mule" in his role as God's Defender. He's a reactionary embarrassment to this state. Like many Holy Warriors, his outrageous statements about homosexuals from the bench illustrate that his fundamentalism limits his seemingly already limited intellect. Roy Moore often uses populist rhetoric and yet he's apparently so misinformed that he doesn't realize the 1901 Constitution was designed to prevent populists from ever being able to mount a challenge to the powerful in the state. Duh!

Alabama's citizens have a long history of electing idiots so nothing will surprise me yet Riley crushing Roy Moore is one thing I'm surely looking forward to seeing. Peace ... or War!