Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kim S. Benefield Over Gerald "Dino" Dial & $$$!

Per the figures that are nearly complete, with the one precinct being provisional ballots in Randolph County according to my understanding with likely few votes at issue, has Kim at 9302 (53.2%) and Dino at 8184 (46.8). Dino was the only one of the Three Amigos sent home of the Republican Lite crowd that was allegedly targeted by Lowell Barron. I'm naturally thrilled. I knew Dino was doing some really low stuff lately so I figured he knew he was on the ropes. Even with the polling plus what I was hearing/thinking it is nice to nail this campaign down. And to have Kim rewarded for her hard work and decency and character and ... is even better! Kudos to her and all that helped.

I'm guessing this race cost over a million, a staggering amount indeed, with the majority spent by Dino of course. There is likely some ad buys and indirect efforts by various groups outside the campaign that I've not counted. With about 17,500 votes in all, one it talking about $57.00 per voter in spending. That is ridiculous. And the thing is that I'm thinking $75.00 per vote is likely more accurate. I'm wondering if this is a record and will attempt to scratch around and find out. For such a rural district, it seems like a very expensive campaign. Kim's funding was solid yet Dino's Big Mule backers had to dip into their deep pockets to try to keep him. Now it will be interesting to see how the Big Mules take to Jim Ingram. They'll see opportunity in getting an openly Republican Senator in this slot even though Dino did their bidding as well as perhaps they could have wanted. Again, having to spend this much shows a need for some reforms. More on that later! Peace ... or War!