Sunday, June 04, 2006

More Kim Benefield for Senate District 13 Press

Jerry Rutledge of The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer gives a good description of the race and has the candidates respond to four basic questions. Kim S. served her cause well while Dino fluffs the facts. Courage in the classroom? That's not what we call it now Dino! And does the U.S. really accept your Guard status? What "the Montgomery crowd throws at you" nearly made me spew. After 32 years down there you have the audacity to use that line? Take control of wasteful spending? That's a Republican line Dino! Kim quoted Thomas Friedman and the need to be preparing kids for the jobs of the 21st century. I doubt Dino has ever read Friedman much less the New York Times where he regularly writes.

Brock Parker of WTVM in Columbus gives us some good material on Dino. If the score is still tied after you being in the game for decades maybe a new quarterback is in order? And the payday lenders aren't controlled by your legislation but rather given legal status as loan sharks. You say Kim doesn't know anything about attracting industry yet 98 of 98 folks in the House thought the Rural Center concept made sense only to see you kill it dead with your hot air. Every other state that has tried the approach believe it has merit. Research says it works. Who the hell are you kidding with this logic? And even today in the Anniston Star, locked behind a subscription wall, Kim openly talked of a state minimum wage. I guarantee the only jobs your Big Mules want our folks to have are low wage ones so they'll surely want to keep you down at Goat Hill.

Dino = Democrat In Name Only = Gerald Dial = Big Mules' Boy = ...

Send a real Alabama Democrat to Montgomery to represent the 13th. Gerald "Dino" Dial has had two plus decades up on Goat Hill. We've had enough and probably too much of his "service". Kim Benefield will represent the interests of the branchheads instead of taking care of the Big Mules. Peace ... or War!