Sunday, July 30, 2006

Scots Up Still on Alabama Two Year System

The B'ham News has Brett Blackledge and Kim Chandler reporting "Lobbyists retained despite ban" that reveals even more questionable behaviors at many of our JuCos. Read it and weep. Big money, our money I'd add, is/was being spent by these colleges, often hiring lobbying firms as "not lobbyists", although the BOE had forbidden! Note the connections! Follow the money! Demand accountability!

This relatives working in the system salary summary is amazing. I'm all for folks being paid a fair wage yet some of these educators/bureaucrats are stacking some serious cheese. What employees and professors at Auburn University were paid for their work is significantly less than what many of these people are drawing. Teaching in Georgia public schools, with a challenging population at both schools I served in, with several years of experience and a Masters (plus a JD and nearly an Ed.S. that don't count), paid me a salary in the high thirties or barely over forty.

Perhaps many of these public employees have put in many years and hard work to get to the point to where they are so well-compensated. It may be true that most, if not all, are in these positions due to their qualifications rather than connections. I doubt, given the culture that apparently seems to be present at our two-year system, that the work is more demanding than similarly situated service in academia and government. Since the "not lobbying" work above was often couched as consulting work then I'm wondering why folks perhaps earning this kind of money need a little special help. Many of these public employees also hold solid benefits. Just imagine the state retirement drawn off those last few salary years!

I'm simply having a hard time reeling my Scots in thinking of how hard people I know, and that includes me, work in public service positions and then seeing how much these folks and families are banking. Peace ... or War!