Friday, March 24, 2006

Progressive Health Care Reform in Dixie

I posted over on Tin Shop Tartan a piece on the idea that solving local health health issues really must come from DC. My poor local rural area has a small community hospital doing all it can to hang on yet I am surely worried. The national health care mess is hardly getting better. Our health case costs continue to rise much faster than earnings. Wages are hardly keeping up for many Americans even without health care realities. Many employers are now screaming about the costs of health care and might align with some groups that have not been traditional allies to seek a solution via national approaches. Additionally, the less than ideal reality of attacking problems via treatment rather than prevention seems misplaced. All of this is weighing heavily on many of the lefty community. Universal and portable health care makes sense. Progressive solutions and resource that I found might help somebody else so please help yourself. Peace ... or War!