Monday, June 12, 2006

Attorney General Troy King - Outlander of the Day!

Prince Troy, here's an image of William Augustus (Hanover), second surviving son of George II, later titled "Duke of Cumberland", and labeled by many Jacobites as "The Butcher", that I've been inspired to study up on just recently. Remarkably, your rise to power via Sir William's favor, plus that of F/Bob, resembles that of this "General". I'm starting an "Outlander of the Day" award to recognize such remarkable character. And guess who is my first recipient?

While Mobile’s John Tyson Jr. is running a “law and order” campaign that partially bothers this lefty, geared as a criminal defense lawyer even if not presently in the fray. I understand that DA Tyson has persecuted for years and I'm sure that influences his ideas. Also, his handlers likely know most Alabama voters respond to this type of approach. However, I also believe Alabama values loathe arrogance from those in power!

Alabama's current Attorney General Troy King is rightly ridiculed by The Decatur Daily for his response to the American Bar Association (ABA) calling for a moratorium on Alabama using the death penalty until at least some changes occur. Now while I’d like to see the death penalty taken off the table, or at least until serious questions can be resolved, although I’m sure my many Christian family members support killing by the state, which also gets to decide how a woman handles her own body according to their views. Contrast how these two candidates respond to the ABA’s recommendation, actually prepared by a team of Alabama lawyers. King shills the “liberal” and “activist” stuff nearly as well as he did back in Tuscaloosa. Let us not forget that King even had a cow when Bill Clark, a former President of the Alabama Bar Association, had the audacity to suggest mere discourse on the issue some years back!

Somebody I respect says King does a decent job on some matters yet is prone to prance around at times in demonstrating his bona fides. Prance on King! Stuff like this might get you sent home come this fall. I think even here in this Red State the “liberal” and “activist’ stuff is wearing a touch thin. With the efforts of some lefty types, or mere reasonable moderates or even thinking conservatives, to call you and your ilk on your tactics I think it will wear thinner still. However, at least you win “Outlander of the Day!” for June 12, 2006. Peace … or War!