Monday, March 27, 2006

Win-Win with Alabama's Forever Wild Program

The Mobile Register reports new purchases of Southeastern Alabama lands via Alabama's Forever Wild program. The opinion piece points out also that the state also obtained a federal grant, presumably reviewed according to competitive standards, that assisted in one purchase. The Register writes,
A constitutional amendment approved by 82 percent of voters created Forever Wild in 1992. The amendment gives the program 10 percent of the state's royalties from offshore natural gas leases (which yields) about $15 million a year. ... Forever Wild provides funds for the state to conserve Alabama's outdoors for environmental reasons and for public use. Statewide, the program has helped purchase 110,000 acres since 1992. ... With the purchase, ecologically important land is not only conserved, but it also is made available for outdoor recreation by the general public. That's a win-win combination.

Great program! Progressive! Forward thinking! Environmentally sensitive! Is this really Alabama? Peace ... or War!