Sunday, July 30, 2006

API's Michael Ciamarra simultaneous shilling of "lawsuit abuse" while defending Bu$hCo

I'm rather pleased that my right wing radar was working so well as I immediately thought API when I saw the title of this Huntsville Times opinion peiece entitled "Irresponsible Litigation". I did however guess it was from API President Gary Palmer but it turned out to be VP Michael Ciamarra's.

Or maybe it was his? As I posted on before, it is hard to tell at times. This prior post also is a decent overview of the Right's "policy" efforts, with some attention paid to API and their relationship with the Heritage Foundation and ALEC. I'm amazed at the ability of some conservatives to get in multiple talking points and attacks and strawmen and .... Labeling Specter's threatened lawsuit as "show trial punitive legislation" while defending Dubyah and claiming there's a "lawsuit frenzy' is an instant classic. He's nearly to Jim Wooten levels.

David Prather of the Times thankfully had some sensible examination of Bu$hCo's actions above Ciamarra's shilling. I've been relying on Charlie Savage of the Boston Globe for the reporting of this all too common Bu$hCo radicalism. Peace ... or War!