Saturday, June 17, 2006

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert gets to know yet another Georgia Gooper

After Stephen Colbert “Van Dyked” Phil Gingrey and even earlier had sat down with Jack Kingston to discuss his experiences as an African-American (Kingston’s a Republican so you likely think … but he lived in Africa briefly as a young child), you’d have thought somebody would have told the Georgia Republican delegation that Colbert was just pretending to be a right wing blowhard. I know he’s originally from South Carolina, and they are all good old boys even if their names sound a little French, but Colbert is on Comedy Central! I’d read that Kingston managed to score an internship for his little girl on Colbert’s show and had even sent a letter out urging other Georgia Goopers to appear on the show yet after seeing how these talks turn out WTF was Lynn Westmoreland thinking. Do these Georgia boys not get staff to do some of the heavy lifting?

Colbert’s “Better Know a District” is of course really about allowing some politicians to reveal they are total goobers. (GOP and goober > "gooper") However, Georgia has been especially kind to Colbert. While Kingston’s 1st District covers the Savannah area, Dr. Phil’s 11th District meanders from Heard County up into Cobb County. It is essentially Newt’s stomping ground so one can imagine. I think Gingrey’s main platform was I’m pro-life, like tax cuts, value welfare … as long as it is the corporate type that helps the chemical industry, know the 2nd Amendment is the most important part of our Constitution, and think terrorists really suck. However, the man is obviously intelligent and displayed charm and grace. As a bonus Gingrey apparently defends the right of homosexuals to drive. If Colbert doesn’t want to see the “highways all gay-ed up” avoiding Midtown is a good start. Westmoreland’s district is rather close to The Highlands so naturally I was appreciative of the insight I knew Colbert would provide me when he got to know The Fighting 8th.

Going back to Congressman Westmoreland’s thinking he would not wither under Colbert, it is not like the AJC didn’t warn him! And Lynn surely heard the nasty things Colbert said to Our Leader at the White House Correspondents Dinner just recently. Busy turning back the Voting Rights Act, claiming that GA has long ago gotten its act together, the Coweta Conservative apparently didn’t notice this as well. Just short of five out of the ten isn’t bad I guess for most folks yet Westmoreland had reached his office as a strong advocate of public displays of the whole Ten Commandments. Maybe Lynn was just playing politics with the Commandments as was suggested way back in 2004? He said then “We are under consistent attack from the ACLU for displaying religious documents in our courthouses" but he surely can’t blame those godless liberals for simply not knowing them, especially as a good Baptist. I’d have thought he, even if he didn’t finish college, knew at least most of them but Brother Lynn tanked on this pop test.

It’s not like he has been too busy introducing legislation to study up on them to where you can nail even a majority is it? Then again, maybe he needed some talking points like the auto industry provided him in doing their bidding? Perhaps Westmoreland and the other kewl kids in the right wing actually need The Ten displayed in the Senate and Congress so they can actually recall them? I know the only wall of separation your Georgia co-sponsor Charlie Norwood seems interested in would be the one he wants built between the US and Mexico! Maybe Lynn’s church could develop a CD or tape series for him to listen to as he goes about the peoples and/or God’s business?

Bill Simon of the Political Vine thinks the Congressman is funnier than Larry the Cable Guy and also might have a future in acting, as long as the role is as Gomer Pyle. I’m thinking if “the base” ever sees this performance he might need something to fall back on. Peace … or War!