Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jones School of Law gets ABA Blessings!

The Montgomery Advertiser's Mike Linn gives us the news that Jones School of Law has been granted provisional status in their long effot to become fully accredited. Although in hindsight I wish I'd have gone another direction in law schools, I can't say that our class was weak. My understanding is that our class had a higher pass rate for those first taking the Bar than the U of A and Cumberland. A few great Professors yet some others seemed to be just going through the motions or perhaps simply too busy with their caseloads to fully prepare. My biggest regret is not trying as hard as I could have. I did the reading and listened and actually learned something based on rather high Bar scores yet I know I could have worked at the deep issues a little harder.

Some professors were idealogues however that fit in just fine with some of the more extreme Faulkner crowd. Lt. Colonel John Eidsmoe was my Constitutional Law Prof. I thought some of his ideas were rather bizarre then yet now it seems he is a contributor to Council of Conservative Citizens plus a Moore-On. We were fortunate to have known each other in my timid stage. Your radical midwestern stiff ass and my current version of speaking up when I see questions that need asking would have likely bumped heads. I'd have been polite in the bumping I'd hope yet I'd bump if I thought it needed doing. I do recall one of the really sharp students expressing shock over some of your ideas. This older student, who I think blew everybody away with his Bar scores, even talked about the how and why yet I was a young pup so perhaps not listening as well back then. I'd have had serious discomfort even taking a class under you if this CCC appearance is something you think is reasonable.

The worst thing is that Eidsmoe's degrees and former teaching and military service gives legitimacy to many far right organizations that are simply far beyond the mainstream. I wonder if your family would tell you to "Just stop it!" (as a family member did with me for my limited activism in confronting what struck me as injustice and/or ignorance) or are they proud of you. With your "thinking" and "service" maybe we can arrange a trade, as my crowd would likely love having you in the fold!

Mr. Eidsmoe, your far right groups and their/your thinking continues to gain influence it seems. I fear that Lefty folks like me are often seen as "bizzaro", borrowing the recent description of my thinking on the discrimination amendment by an especially quick to judge sister. I know she'll be praying for me and perhaps even turning to such authorities as James Dobson to confirm how right she is and how wrong I am. And I bet sooner or later I'll likely be getting even more Evangelical-themed books that tells me how I'm lost or flawed or ... Peace ... or War!

Update - Late afternoon of June 16th, 2006 - A comment pointed out that John Eidsmoe has been exited from Jones some time back so I amended the post slightly. I'm pleased that he's no longer associated with Jones. I'm especially pleased the ABA is now associated with Jones.