Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Outlander #2 - AJC's Jim Wooten Defends Coulter

Jim Wooten of The Atlanta Journal Constitution has been a reliable source of ridicule for Captain Bama. Following in Alabama’s Attorney General Troy King’s prancing footsteps, Jim Wooten, still “The Tool”, is “Outlander of the Day” for June 12, 2006. Congrats Jim! Also, the AJC’s new opinion layout is a rather cool, especially for this rag.

Jim Wooten I think first merited a post for his position on school funding with my title as “Conservative Tool Jim Wooten on School Funding” and just the next day posted as “I rest my case on Jim Wooten's shilling!”. I’ve hit him on a long series of at least partial thinking just a few days later with “Jim Wooten's Wrong Thinking”. I then got after him for continuing to rely on The Manhattan Institute’s Jay Greene to shill ideas on public education, a particularly favorite topic of The Tool, with “Jim Wooten Needs New Source & Topic!” yet was soon posting “Jim Wooten is Right and Still Wrong” with another effort to set poor Jim on the straight and narrow with “Educating the Haves & Have Nots Plus the Tools”. “Writing” of Maureen Downey of The AJC led me to then post “Does Jim Wooten have a "toolette" at the AJC?” where Ms. Downey’s using the “noted” Jay Greene in shilling the GOP line.

Yet today I ran across Jim Wooten, via a “Hang ‘er high, that darn Ann Coulter “ “Thinking Right” column entry, defending “Crazy as a Run Over Dog” Ann Coulter’s recent attacks on 9-11 widows. She’s so off the chart on this one that skralyx at Daily Kos (tip of the tam to Digby!) points out that even RedStaters have had enough of Angry Ann. But not The Tool! His “thinking” is such that I guess Ann’s logic works for The Tool. Please read some of his/her fans in the comments section below. Scary stuff! Ann’s “meticulous research” was one of my favorites. She not only fudges footnotes yet also uses them for more flawed flaming.

Jim, you’re The Outlander of the Day, and it has been long, long overdue. I’ve challenged your sources and logic yet no responses so far. Here’s hoping that eventually your talent for synchronized shilling will be revealed for what it is. Jim, you are simply a huge Tool! So it is Peace ... or War!