Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jim Wooten - "Nothing to see here. Move along."

I posted via Captain Plaid on the AJC's resident Tool of the Right just today with a rather long rant entitled "Wooten's World - No Doubts just Dogma". I used a variant of the above universal law enforcement line and figured it surely applies to what The Tool wrote on June 2, 2006 in this Thinking Right "thoughts for the week". One could find plenty to take exception with in nearly anything The Tool shills yet I'll just point out this gem ...

The convictions of former Enron executives Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling tell us as much about the ethics and morality of the corporate world as the conviction of Linda Schrenko tells us about the ethics and morality of educators. And that is precisely nothing.

Let's begin "seeing" the "nothing" Jim. I know Lovely Linda and Kenny Boy Lay are Republicans. I'll not even bother with links as I think anybody that has been in the loop knows Jim's simply choosing, and I really hate people that are purposefully ignorant don't you, to overlook what appears to be common understandings.

I understand Kenny Boy was Bu$hCo's largest individual contributor over his political career and certainly at the Pioneer level in recent efforts. Lay's bride, named Linda herself, plus Jeff Skilling and of course Kenny Boy each kicked in $100,000 for the 2000 inaugural fund plus an Enron jet flew Bush the Elder and Bar up for the show. Kenny Boy was of course right there with Dead Eye Dick in formulating the Bu$hCo energy policies that have worked out so well, although Cheney had fought access to the records with every trick in the book, finally getting a little love from his duck hunting buddy Justice Scalia.

Lovely Linda stole over a half a million from the state and feds, with a little help from her lover of course. Family values! Ms. Schrenko was state super when I first started teaching in Georgia so I know what a twit she was. Calling her an "educator" is an insult to educators you tool. Bureaucrat. Creationism advocate. Patronage provider. Darling of the Christian right. Foe of the PTA since they were too liberal. Saboteur of Roy Barnes. Such a Bu$hCo fan that she was there when he signed No Child Left Behind into law. A total joke and a testament to what conservatives keep electing.

Kenny Boy's Enron stole from California during their mostly manufactured energy crisis. At least all that worked out for Republican Ahnuld. Enron called off the White House which let California ride this one out on their own. Enron stole from their employees and other investors plus I'm sure the taxpayers have some consequences to boot. Huge blow to Houston's economy. Enron's lies buttressed by Arthur Anderson killed off that old accounting firm. Deregulation of the energy industry pushed through by Bush the Elder essentially allowed Enron to grow into the monster it became. It was a monster you know. Huge player. Free market capitalism gone wild.

Plus there's the fact that it has taken years to bring Lay and Skilling before the Bar. Allegedly the most expensive criminal trial in history yet Jeff is now stiffing his defense lawyers for the rest of the fees. There's a special place in hell for those people. "Didn't pay your lawyer? Come on in as there's no need to wait in line." Of course Satan looks out for criminal defense lawyers!

Enron/Worldcom/Tyco ... Nothing to see folks! Schrenko ... Move along! The World of Wooten is a happy place I guess. Conservatives seemingly can often dismiss anything that challenges their certainty of "Right Thinking". Jim's maybe taking yet another one for the team? He's not above defending Ann Coulter so we at least know he's a true believer. I bet Bu$hCo is going to give you a medal Jim so keep up the good work.

Finally, the idea that this Tool has the audacity to write of "ethics" and "morality" simply floors me. Jim Wooten, you've shown us that you simply don't measure up in that facet. Peace ... or War!