Friday, August 04, 2006

Alabama State Bar seeks Judical Election Reform

The Alabama State Bar's new President Fournier "Boots" Gale III of Maynard Cooper & Gale, P.C. in B'ham has announced the Bar's long effort to appoint rather than elect appeals court judges will see the introduction of legislation this next March. The reporting by Eric Velasco reveals the money being dropped in these races. While I have some interest in political consulting so that I might should celebrate these millions, I'm shocked and offended it has been this much. Mr. Velasco gives us the numbers as follows:
Since 1993, interest groups have poured almost $48 million into state Supreme Court races alone - including $4.6 million spent in the Republican primary for five state Supreme Court races so far this year.

The idea that the average Alabama voter is capable of voting for plain politicians is a stretch but to have them judge judges is a total terror. I've posted on this appointment process back when Tacky Whacky Tom Parker and the Mini-Moores were on the stage.

While I look forward to help elect Sue Bell Cobb as Chief Justice, plus seeing the other Democrats seeking slots on our Bench win so as to restore order to the universe, this ought to be acceptable to anybody except for the most partisan. I'm sure Big Mules like having the conservatives they've got in place now but do they really expect Alabama to shift back toward the left significantly? Radicals like Roy Moore and Tom Parker being elected can be Exhibit A and B. Karl Rove's involvement down here in Alabama in 1994 is Exhibit C. Peace ... or War!